HRMetricsPro Plans

With HRMetricsPro, you can leverage your employee data into relevant, meaningful, and actionable insights. HRMetricsPro is the fastest, easiest, and most user-friendly HR metrics solution on the market today.

Here are the ACTUAL Instructions to use HRMetricsPro:

  1. Sign Up
  2. Download HR data template (or use your own, we will clean it up for you)
  3. Upload your HR data file and select report options
  4. Receive the report to your email in 3 days or less

Really, it’s that easy.
Give us a call; we know you don’t believe us yet.[Try it now…+1 (212) 545-1280, if it’s a business day during EST hours, USA, we pick up].

It’s secure. It’s quick. And it’s easy.

After receiving your employee data, we run a comprehensive analysis at the level you need and return your customized executive-ready HRMetricsPro report back to you. Your report will include easy-to-understand graphs and charts of useful talent analytics.


Performance Differential by Age

With these insights, you and your senior leadership can quickly recognize your organization’s talent needs and take action in real-time. In a few simple steps, HR becomes a strategic partner with a clear picture of workforce strengths and opportunities. Help your organization reduce costs, retain employees, and make strategic decisions that affect the bottom-line. If you want an HR Metrics Strategy or need help making sense of all the HR metrics, we are here for that too. A dedicated team of HR metrics experts will assist you every step of the way and help you transform HR into a strategic business partner.

HR Metrics Pro Snapshot

  • 18 HR metrics on your dashboard
  • Unlimited employee records
  • 1 year snapshot
  • Executive-ready graphic reports in ready-to-send PDF
  • Customized company report with your organization’s logo

HR Metrics Pro Plus

  • All the features of Snapshot
  • 35-50 metrics
  • 2 years of cross-comparison
  • Access all separated employee data
  • Key findings and implications of critical HR metrics
  • 1 hour of consulting support
  • With additional investments, receive:

  • Recommendations*
  • Comparison across different segmentations*

HR Metrics Pro Unlimited

  • All the features of Enterprise and
  • Over 100 metrics
  • Cross-comparison over unlimited number years
  • “Danger Zone” Alerts
  • Comparison of Active vs. Separated employee ROI and trends
  • Customized graphs and charts with insights on your metrics
  • Unlimited organizational aspects
  • 3 hours of consulting support
  • With additional investments, receive:

  • Multiple language support*

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