HRMetricsPro by Retensa

HRMetricsPro is a unique HR Metrics tool that:

What is HRMetricsPro?

  • HRMetricsPro's results show you how all activities associated with turnover - separation costs, recruiting costs, training employees and more - impact your organization's bottom line.
  • HRMetricsPro gives you both the "big picture" as well as a detailed analytics relating to hiring costs, staffing costs, orientation, separation, and replacement.
  • HRMetricsPro takes out the guess work of what options might work for reducing turnover cost. Confidently plan your budget and retention strategies based on valid data.
  • Based on more than 4,600 hours of research over 2 years, HRMetricsPro is unique in its comprehensiveness and accuracy.
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Annual Percent of Direct Cost of Turnover

Where can you reduce costs related to employee turnover and increase profits?

Annual Indirect Cost of Turnover

Discover employee costs you never knew existed - and find out how much you can reduce them.

Potential Profit Recaptured by Reducing Turnover

Allocate savings towards revenue earning projects and your bottom line.

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