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HRMetricsPro is made by Retensa, who for 15 years has made revolutionary products that change the way HR leaders attract, develop, and retain employees.

HRMetricsPro is designed specifically for HR people by HR people. If you call us, real HR people pick up the phone [try it now…+1 (212) 545-1280, if it’s a business day during EST hours, USA, we pick up].

Our aim is to help organizations leverage their HR data to understand opportunities, possible weaknesses, and threats to retaining top talent.

HRMetricsPro is an innovative approach to data mining for HR. We take your HR data – whatever you have, no matter how ugly it is – and publish modern, easy to understand reports. These reports are exactly what HR people want, exactly when they want them. This takes some companies 12-18 months. However, with HRMetricsPro, you will have your report in 3 days.


Responsive to the unique needs of your organization, Retensa’s HRMetricsPro provides much-needed leverage to:

  • Quantify employee costs
  • Track and Trend recruiting, training, and turnover activity
  • Predict future workforce challenges
  • Build support for employee initiatives
  • Transform human resources from its classical role as a transaction-oriented function to an integral partner in business strategy.

HRMetricsPro is designed to be a self-contained tool that organizations of any size can use to effectively quantify their HR and get predictive. HRMetricsPro provides graphs and charts automatically. No excel. No pivot tables(!!!). No formatting. No cutting. No pasting. HRMetricsPro’s reports are executive-ready the moment you see them.

HRMetricsPro produce HR metrics across the employee life-cycle. BeforeHRMetricsPro, many of these metrics associated with activities and human resource processes were difficult to quantify. Now you can fully understand your workforce with informative graphs and charts associated with each HR function. Roll over the stage of the employee life-cycle below to see what you can get.

You can make accurate forecasts of future costs and staff growth while measuring HR effectiveness.

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I walk around with Retensa’s reports in my briefcase and refer back to it for everything we do.

— Training Director, Global Financial Services Firm

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