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How do I use HRMetricsPro?
You do not have to learn software, download any files, or spend time in training. Retensa’s HR metrics specialists manage it every step of the way. After you provide Retensa with your company’s employee data, Retensa will input everything into our HRMetricsPro software. We then present you with a graphical, executive-ready report detailing up to 111 talent analytics, employee costs, and your HR key performance indicators. Additionally, we can provide you with recommendations about where, when, and how to reduce costs, how to reduce employee turnover, and how to increase organizational effectiveness. We will provide you with the human resource KPI and benchmarks you need to enhance HR processes today.
How do I buy HRMetricsPro?

There are 3 ways to buy HRMetricsPro and get your HR Metrics reports:

    1. Click the “Start Today” button at the right column of this page, fill out the form, and submit it.
    2. Call us at +1 (212) 545-1280, from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST
    3. “Schedule a Call Back”

Our HR experts will discuss customizing a solution aligned to your business needs and your strategic HR plan. We will also present you with investment options based on the specific services and information you need.

How much does HRMetricsPro cost?
The price varies from a few hundred dollars (really, that little) to several thousand dollars. It depends on what metrics you want to calculate and how often you want them. You can choose 1 of the 4 existing HRMetricsPro plans, or create a customized plan to fit your needs. For more details regarding plans and pricing, please contact us at 212-545-1280 or click on “Schedule a Call Back,” and our HR specialists will start working with you immediately to set up a customized package, including investment details.
Can I see a sample HRMetricsPro report?
Yes. You can see a sample HR Metrics report by clicking here. For a limited time, we also offer a free 18 Metrics report. Just send us your organization’s HR data, and we will provide you with an executive-ready graphical report.
What information do I need to provide? In what format?
You can download the HR Metrics Excel template right here. The more information you provide, the more metrics you can see in the report. Our HR metrics specialist will get the most from your HR data. No personal information, such as employee names, IDs, and social security numbers, will ever be required, without exception.
Is my data secure? How do you secure my data?
Absolutely. Extensive effort is taken to ensure your data is safe. Retensa complies with all Safe Harbor Certification principles and requirements, ensuring the privacy and protection of personal data. Additional privacy and security efforts include:

  • Retensa provides multiple layers of physical security to protect against misuse and alteration of DIT/DAR. These layers include the disabling of access to building floors; only authorized personnel are able to re-enable floor access during non-business hours. Our facility uses mechanical and electronic access controls, alarmed intrusion detection systems, 24-hour security personnel, as well as 24-hour video monitoring. Security measures also include lockable file cabinets and rooms and a separate secure server location.
  • All application servers are hosted by a SOC3 compliant hosting company meeting all protocols of security governing the technology industry.
  • Our IEEE 802.3 network is both IDS and ICSA certified Firewall protected. The DMZ is routinely tested against threats. Network-address Translation (NAT) is applied to all external traffic to further protect sniffing and spoofing.
  • We do not ask for any personal employee information (i.e. names, employee IDs, or social security numbers).
  • We do not sell, rent, give, or share any of your data with anyone else. You see it, we see it, that’s all.
What other HR metrics services can Retensa provide me?
Retensa is recognized as a leader in talent management and HR metrics solutions. We can provide detailed information on how much your organization is currently spending on different business and human resource processes. Additionally, we will help you identify data sources and information you need that you never realized are required to determine employee costs and turnover. With the results you receive from us, you will gain a clear picture of how much you have been spending, where you can reduce employee costs and by how much, where you could improve HR efficiencies, increase productivity, and gain a competitive edge.
How is HRMetricsPro different from other turnover calculators?
Unlike other available HR data calculators, which only estimate general costs or conduct data operations, HRMetricsPro digs deep into your HR activities, functions, and processes, in order to calculate turnover rates and costs. You receive the most thorough and accurate HR data analysis, including where the danger zone is specifically and which are areas of improvement. You also have a team of seasoned metrics and HR specialists providing you with detailed insights and advice specific to your company that will put you ahead of your competitors.
Do you have HR benchmark data to help me compare my company with others?
Yes. We understand how important it is to know how you compare to others in your industry. HRMetricsPro includes HR benchmarks to help you fully understand where you stand. HRMetricsPro will help you understand at least 111 HR functions, activities, and processes in detail after our HR experts work with you and your company. You will have an exact picture of how much is being spent on HR functions such as recruiting, onboarding, new employee training, and separation. You will also discover where you can reduce costs and by how much. You will learn where and how to improve efficiency, increase productivity, and optimize resources, all of which are crucial to surviving in this challenging and dynamic global economy.

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